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About Learn for Life


Our LFL is launching an interactive learning website based on The American Common Core Standard From preschool to high school .
We help adults and teachers to be the best version of themselves , and empower their self-learning step by step adapting any conditions and copying with environments circumstances .

Why LFL ?

We work on what others have done for ,that focuses the most power and effective knowledge curriculum, to lead our arabian students to access their successes, best economy ever , and excellences with a set of updated , revised lessons by Arabic language tongue integrated to all different arab schools systems and curricula .

LFL it’s about acquiring the American Common Core and focusing on Egyptian milestones curriculum , Then you can be a qualified skilled student grade by grade .
We offer our arabian families a great opportunity challenging the both social and economic issues in our arabian countries with appropriated expenses for all .

Who Are We

LFL is a startup in basic education for the developed American Common Core Standard CCSS curriculum, a stage of the preschool for American secondary education, in parallel with Arab curriculum skills and the establishment and development of the teacher level through teaching methods within an interconnected system of digital content and modern technological means in raising skill levels on All aspects of the basic knowledge of the elementary, preparatory and secondary stages and their equivalents in our Arab society, starting from our project in home education for the State School and a distinguished update for mothers, students, teachers and students in a way that develops their passion and fulfills their dreams. We are proud that we have social ties from students and mothers in all Arab countries who have regular and parallel education and are interested in the quality of education and focus on educational, life and educational skills in accordance with equal opportunities and adaptation to the changes in the environment around us.

We put our teachers on the fast track of regular training to ensure experiency , inspiration and passion methodology of different dedicated teachers by the aim of effeciency and long life education.

LFL is also committed to considering the student the hero for his educational journey by respecting and appreciating the technological and digital data of his age in remembering and collecting information and skills that are continuous with him in his life and elevating him to the best he dreams, accompanying the Arab family on an educational journey that satisfies their desires in their children and promises them a future of high quality and skillful competence Serve his dream and devote himself to his own and external resources.

Our culture

has a passion and determination to provide all educational assistance which is professionally and sophisticated, investing energy and determination in the latest standards of educational quality.

Our scope

provide arabian families to enjoy the educational journey as one of the Unisco Quality basic Education outputs.

support self steem to students , adults and teachers

Making full use of advanced scientific countries and technology with available tools of Internet , computer skills, Arduino, digital content and internet networking.

Coincide with Egyptian Career_ skills focused

Launch fresh strategies and methods for acquisition and easily memorization

fully equipped to problem solving based on Critical thinking.

Solve the problems of his country

LFL Brand

Developing many educational courses , programmes , updated lesson plans and outstanding practices with on-line / off-line methods for all ages.

LFL Values

Emotional intelligence , Equilibrium , Quality , acquisition , Learning achievement , recall , Training , qualification , self and economic investment.


Connecting the passion of our generations for science and self-knowledge with advanced services, and it continues with him from his inception through his life

Our Mission

Granting educational opportunities according to the latest teaching methods for the great countries and UNESCO protocols for education and education, and instilling values side by side.

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